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Donna Goldn is a Belgian vocalist with a diverse background. A self-described creative nomad, her identity defies singular definitions.

The artist extends a heartfelt invitation to experience her authentic world. The debut composition, "Mashiketta," has elicited widespread admiration and affection from global audiences. Amidst the interest, the enigmatic nature of her artistic persona remains. With this performance, the aspiration is to offer an introduction, providing insight into her artistic essence and inviting individuals into her unique realm.

At SCOPES Seoul, Donna will present a set that unveils a collection of previously unreleased tracks she's been diligently crafting in both Korean and English.

Reflecting on her personal journey, Donna shares that her initial encounters with noraebangs upon arriving in Korea were not only refreshing but also transformative. The noraebang quickly became her personal haven, and even now, she frequents it solo at least once a week. There's an unexplainable sense of solace and empowerment it offers, and that sentiment weaves itself into her performance.

Prepare to witness a truly distinctive experience as she takes the stage and transforms it into her very own 'Noraebang,' quite literally.This exceptional performance comes to life through a collaborative effort, with Visual Designer Mia Bak and the skilled DJ Ivydecks lending their talents to create an immersive stage for Donna's artistry.