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Mandong, meaning 'Full Motion,' is a band consisting of Seokyoung Ham(guitar), Kyungsoo Seo(drums), and Namhyun Song(double bass). The band was initially formed by Seokyoung and Kyungsoo in 2019, releasing their debut album, "<Man in a Hurry>." In 2021, Namhyun joined the band, and with their collective experiences spanning jazz, rock, noise, and tango, they set out to create new music. Mandong's music reveals and conceals various grammatical structures, fostering a musical dialogue that bridges the gap between conventions and unconventionalities.

At SCOPES Seoul, Mandong will showcase songs from their forthcoming 3rd album as well as tracks from their 2nd album. Additionally, they will project visuals, including the music video for the title track of their 3rd album, "Pai, Moon, Everything."