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Minki Kang is an artist who works under the theme of 'STEEL PAINTING, Sculpting the Canvas.' His artworks resemble paintings, but he creates installation works using steel bars and concrete.

At SCOPES Seoul, artist Minki Kang presents 'Seoul of an Artist.' Drawing inspiration from his past experience working on construction sites, he was inspired to tell a story through his work, reflecting the rough appearance of steel bars and concrete commonly seen at construction sites.

Many cities have undergone significant changes due to the industrial revolution. Living in the present, Minki Kang uses steel bars and concrete, byproducts of the industrial revolution, as well as his artworks, to narrate the past, present, and future. He conceptually arranges spaces with steel bars and concrete debris, creates structures on top of the debris, and places his artwork on these structures, presenting the passage of time and the process in a narrative way through space.