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"Yangbans" is an 'Oriental Shamanistic Punk Psychedelic Rock Band.' The name "Yangbans" implies that in a democratic society, everyone is like a gentleman, contrasting with the Western meaning of the term. Comprised of members Lee Jihoon (keyboard), Nugi (bass), Jeon Beomseon (vocals), Ddalgi (drums), Yoon Seongho (guitar), and Hak (video), this band finds harmony through leisure and draws inspiration from the Earth. The band's first single album, "<Taepyeongcheonha>," released in 2018, has been reinterpreted as a song that raises awareness of the climate crisis, considering recent events such as the COVID-19 pandemic and various climate anomalies.

At SCOPES Seoul, Yangbans will perform songs from their EPs "<Wind and Flow>" and "<Eruhwa>," as well as some unreleased tracks. "<Wind and Flow>" is a mini-album created by the band's vocalist and leader, Jeon Beomseon, after spending a week enjoying leisure in a traditional Korean house in Jirisan Mountain. The songs in this album encapsulate the flow of the wind and the natural circulation process that occurs at the foot of the mountain. "<Eruhwa>" is a term that represents the sounds of excitement and joy when singing. It was created in 'Eruhwahon,' a place on the slopes of Mount Duryunsan in Haenam, Jeollanam-do. Experience the subtle harmony between Korean themes and the band's sound, allowing you to feel the energy of nature.