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Ram Han is an artist based in Seoul specializing in digital painting and illustration. Her work revolves around expressing visual traumas that have matured through long-lasting memories from her childhood. Ram Han is also highly engaged in collaborations with various brands and artists. Her recent projects include designing fashion items for Gucci's '2024 Cruise Fashion Show' and creating album art for artists affiliated with Hive and SM Entertainment.

The artwork presented by artist Ram Han at SCOPES Seoul continues to capture a world she explores through her drawings. Specific motifs like wings, eggs, and mechanical devices appear, as seen in her previous creations. This space where these motifs converge may not exist in reality, but it represents a landscape within the realm of experiential-based inner worlds. Within it, remnants of the original are disassembled, leaving behind only sculptural rules. Her primary aim with this work is to evoke individually personalized sensations in the viewers through her art.

This work serves as a catalog of her impromptu drawings and the accumulating treasures in some corner of her mental world. Its source lies in protruding images and emotions encountered in reality. Ram Han's drawings are influenced by intense visual stimuli, dream-like experiences with striking yet contradictory narratives, and subtle everyday emotions.