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MLMA creates artworks that transcend the boundaries of music, art and fashion design, being an important voice for the global creative community. Her personal works are predominantly showcased online, using social media as her platform of choice. The name "mlma" stands for "Me Love Me a Lot," symbolizing a focus on self-empowerment and self-love. Her music often blends distorted, unstable sounds with crucial melodies, creating distinctive and captivating sonic landscapes. Her visual aesthetics and music videos also play a significant role in her artistic expression, often incorporating surreal and dreamlike elements. MLMA's work resonates with the younger generation, forming a strong sense of empathy. Her popularity on platforms like YouTube and social media stems from delivering a vibrant and immersive experience to both listeners and viewers through the synergy of music and visuals.

At SCOPES Seoul, MLMA unveils a special painting art project where she adds her own unique touch to a classic Porsche car, the 'Vintage 993 Carrera S.' In this creative endeavor, MLMA transforms the Porsche into her new canvas, resulting in the birth of "MLMA PorschuS 2023." This artwork draws inspiration from the world of traditional Korean ceramics, sparked by the idea that the sleek surface of ceramics beautifully resonates with the Porsche's aesthetics. The collaboration between an antique Porsche and the futuristic artist MLMA promises to bring forth a distinctive source of inspiration. Additionally, for those fortunate enough to partake in test drives with MLMA's customized Porsche, Melo designed a special attire in harmony with the car's painting patterns from her fashion brand, Skoot Apparel, creating a seamless blend with this unique automotive art.