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JINJONJAM is a fashion designer and artist who studied fashion design at Central Saint Martins (CSM) in London and operates a fashion brand called 'JINJONJAM' in Korea. He participated in Paris Fashion Week showrooms and showcased a Hanbok collection. The name 'JINJONJAM' is a combination of his Korean name, Kyungjin Ryu ('JIN'), his elementary school nickname in the United States ('Jon'), and the nickname he had during his studies in the UK ('Jam'). He currently works in F&B brand consulting and visual catering, crafting imagery and themes that blur the lines of traditional boundaries.. JINJONJAM's work follows the act of eating in history and totemic traces, constantly pursuing new forms of storytelling.

At SCOPES Seoul, JINJONJAM takes charge of F&B catering with the concept ‘excavation’, which is the spirit of Porsche SCOPES. His work incorporates wooden sculptures collected by his father, his mother's collecting preferences, his younger sibling's craftsmanship, traces discarded on the streets, and inspiration drawn from the marketplace. Under the slogan "DIG OUT YOUR OWN STARTER - OBSERVE YOUR BITES," he combines the future significance of excavation and historical and totemic forms in visuals. He curates food courses differently on each floor. 1st floor - Excavation, 2nd floor - Analysis, 3rd floor - Exhibition.