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JINBO, also known as JINBO the SuperFreak, is a producer and singer-songwriter who founded SuperFreak Records. He not only releases solo albums but also collaborates with project teams like 'Mind Combined' and 'PoPoMo.' Under the name 'Touch,' he releases music to facilitate unique encounters, bridging the gap between Eastern and Western musical influences as well as connecting different generations within the music world. He has showcased a fusion of dance music and R&B live performances at the club 'Soap' and currently serves as the music director at The Timberhouse in the Park Hyatt Seoul.

SHINDRUM is a drummer and producer known for exploring the limitless possibilities of drumming. In 2021, he released his first full-length album, and in 2022 and 2023, he released the first and second albums with his band 'Soul Delivery.' He collaborates with various artists to create and express the stories he wants to tell, all while using his unique style and approach as 'SHINDRUM.' He aims to convey to music lovers and the next generation of musicians that everyone can express their unique colors in their own way through music.

At SCOPES Seoul, JINBO, SHINDRUM, and the band 'MAK' come together for a live performance. Immerse yourself in JINBO's captivating voice and the performances of SHINDRUM (drums), Ha Eun (keyboard), Nugi (bass), and Seung Hyun (guitar). Their performance is soulful, forward-looking, philosophical, spontaneous, and fun. Their show will inspire us all to progress even further into the future.