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MinOhrichar, also known as Nam Min-oh, is a contemporary artist and media researcher who has been exploring the negativity of unpredictability that contemporary society aggressively pushes away. MinOhrichar creates works primarily using video, installations, and photography, while also engaging in sound performances and composition. He operates the Seoul-based exhibition space AA(RASA), which introduces experimental art, design, and music.

At SCOPES Seoul, artist Nam Min-Oh is set to unveil a video series titled "Rocket Sequence," featuring #1 Signal and the "NOISE TO LOVE" noise performance. This performance makes use of a variety of devices, including modular synthesizers, to finely tune both noise and non-noise elements, creating a noise-ambient soundscape on the outskirts of the sonic spectrum. The incessant torrent of loud sounds can be uncomfortable, even painful at times, and momentary sounds might occasionally feel ephemeral. However, despite these challenges, the artist, through an approach of harmonizing diverse noises, seeks to explore the possibility of sharing the experience of discomfort while ensuring that no one becomes unhappy.