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MinOhrichar - NOISE TO LOVE

MinOhrichar, also known as Nam Min-oh, is a contemporary artist and media researcher who has been exploring the negativity of unpredictability that contemporary society aggressively pushes away. MinOhrichar creates works primarily using video, installations, and photography, while also engaging in sound performances and composition. He operates the Seoul-based exhibition space AA(RASA), which introduces experimental art, design, and music.


JINBO, also known as JINBO the SuperFreak, is a producer and singer-songwriter who founded SuperFreak Records. He not only releases solo albums but also collaborates with project teams like 'Mind Combined' and 'PoPoMo.' Under the name 'Touch,' he releases music to facilitate unique encounters, bridging the gap between Eastern and Western musical influences as well as connecting different generations within the music world.

SHINLIART - The Reason Our Work Was Delayed

SHINLIART, a duo composed of partners Shin Danbi and Li Seok, was founded in 2015. Shin Danbi is a conceptual artist who enjoys the art of creation, while Li Seok is a media artist with a penchant for computers. SHINLIART predominantly delves into themes of "relationship forms" and "balance," using visual works to interpret their connection in various, often romantically inspired, ways. Their artistic expression knows no bounds, spanning across photography, sculpture, and multimedia, without being confined to any particular genre.

Balming Tiger

A diverse music collective taking their name from the famous Asian ointment “Tiger Balm”. Balming Tiger describes themselves as a "multinational alternative K-pop band" with a desire to create an impact globally. The main creative vision of Balming Tiger is to reflect and represent the younger generation of today’s society. Aiming to combine a special culture unique to Asia or Korea with Western culture, which is the mainstream of current pop culture.


I BAN is a choreographer, model, and performance artist based in Seoul. He dives into dance with a simple goal: to create his own art using his body. He doesn't shy away from expressing everyday emotions authentically, infusing his unique identity into his movements and music. I BAN discovered that even ordinary body gestures can be an art form, sparking his journey into dance. For him, dance is the way to be his true self. In life, we often hide parts of ourselves, but on the stage, artists can fully embrace who they are.

Jaeyoung Shin

Jaeyoung Shin is an interactive artist who creates images through computer language. He maximizes the experience of spaces by producing works based on various inputs such as the sound of the environment and people's movements. Jaeyoung Shin has a keen interest in real-time work, including interactive exhibitions, VJing, and AR filters.

Joyul - Three tails, amplifying reverberation

Joyul is an artist based in Seoul, who's dedicated to expanding the sonic possibilities within her work. With a mission to push the boundaries of sound, she transforms the auditory landscapes created by instruments like vocals, electric guitars, and daxophones, thereby establishing fresh sonic narratives. By concentrating on the paths sound forges and the sensory experiences of navigating those auditory avenues, her improvisational performances serve as a means to reconstruct time and space in a unique manner.

Mandong SCOPES

Mandong, meaning 'Full Motion,' is a band consisting of Seokyoung Ham(guitar), Kyungsoo Seo(drums), and Namhyun Song(double bass). The band was initially formed by Seokyoung and Kyungsoo in 2019, releasing their debut album, "<Man in a Hurry>." In 2021, Namhyun joined the band, and with their collective experiences spanning jazz, rock, noise, and tango, they set out to create new music. Mandong's music reveals and conceals various grammatical structures, fostering a musical dialogue that bridges the gap between conventions and unconventionalities.

Donna Goldn - Goldnbang

Donna Goldn is a Belgian vocalist with a diverse background. A self-described creative nomad, her identity defies singular definitions.

The artist extends a heartfelt invitation to experience her authentic world. The debut composition, "Mashiketta," has elicited widespread admiration and affection from global audiences. Amidst the interest, the enigmatic nature of her artistic persona remains. With this performance, the aspiration is to offer an introduction, providing insight into her artistic essence and inviting individuals into her unique realm.


Tusabe is a producer, creator and DJ. As a multidisciplinary individual, Tusabe always had the passion to create different mediums and experiences.He is also a part of the cultural platform called “Safi Club” , with the purpose to bridge subcultures internationally and locally by creating events and activations.

Growing up in Sweden raised by a multicultural family, during Tusabe’s artistic journey he was always inspired by the rhythms and sounds from all perspectives. By bridging his cultures and inspiration he wants to create a world that feels idyllic and nostalgic.