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Balming Tiger

Balming Tiger

Performance, Film Screening, Panel Talk

A diverse music collective taking their name from the famous Asian ointment “Tiger Balm”. Balming Tiger describes themselves as a "multinational alternative K-pop band" with a desire to create an impact globally. The main creative vision of Balming Tiger is to reflect and represent the younger generation of today’s society. Aiming to combine a special culture unique to Asia or Korea with Western culture, which is the mainstream of current pop culture. The collective consists of performers Omega Sapien, sogumm, bj wnjn, and Mudd the student, producers San Yawn and Unsinkable, video directors Jan' Qui and Leesuho, visual artist Seoulthesoloist, DJ Abyss, and writer Henson Hwang. Each artist in this ensemble expresses a different artistic identity and energy, as well as a wide range of versatility.

At SCOPES Seoul, Balming Tiger will perform and premier <Moving Forward: The Movie>, a short film directed by Pennacky who’s been working with Balming Tiger for over 5 years. In this film, there's no specific protagonist. Instead, each Balming Tiger member makes an appearance, and their stories gradually intersect. The primary objective is to showcase the individual charm of each member while pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling beyond the conventional music video format.

"Moving Forward: The Movie" is an experimental and creative endeavor that celebrates cinematic influences and aims to bring out the best in the Balming Tiger team, both as musicians and as unique personalities. Join us at SCOPES Seoul for Balming Tiger's video premiere and performance.