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Junsoo Kim

Junsoo Kim


Junsoo Kim is a kinetic artist based in Seoul, South Korea. He specializes in bringing events from the microcosm to life, turning them into tangible physical forms.

His work is rooted in modular creations and precise numerical craftsmanship. He's particularly interested in crafting scenarios and installations that induce a sense of virtual reality, even without the use of VR or AR technology. The calculated movements of machinery, finely tuned lighting, and the serendipitous interplay of sound come together to create a profoundly unique 'sensory' experience within the real world.

'MicroSCOPES have finally found the CELL in SEOUL'

At SCOPES Seoul, Junsoo Kim will present the <Procaryotic Cell No.0,1>. From the inception of life, spanning up to the modern-day Homo sapiens, over a billion species have emerged, with currently over ten million species inhabiting the Earth. Upon examining the origins leading to this evolution, it becomes evident that everything stems from the minute 'prokaryotic cell.' Through the convergence of robotic technology, disparate attributes, and forward-looking sculptural forms, the artist sheds light on the boundless potential encapsulated within the 'prokaryotic cell.' As the project unfolded, he drew inspiration from the subterranean workshop, the microcosmic world, and the cells composing his own body. By closing his eyelids to visual stimuli and experiencing the world solely through touch, he contemplated an unpredictable evolution and the concept of timeless eternity.