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Jen Pak

Jen Pak

Installation, Panel Talk

Jen Pak is a multidisciplinary artist who finds inspiration in the lively urban scene and the playful realm of Lego. Her work is characterized by bold colors, skillfully weaving utopia-like cityscapes that radiate the vitality of bustling streets. Jen explores a range of mediums to convey her devotion to abstract art, resulting in creations that beckon observers into a world of whimsical and vibrant hues. Her art is a celebration of the beauty found in both the organized chaos of city streets and the limitless creativity of using vibrant colors.

At SCOPES Seoul, Jen Pak hosts an in-depth panel discussion with a distinguished art therapist Lee Eung Dab. In addition to their dialogue, she will present some of her own paintings to underscore their points. Together, they will highlight the significant role of color in therapeutic practices and its impact on healing the human psyche. These visual illustrations and their combined insights aim to elucidate the intricate relationship between color, emotions, and cognition, emphasizing its vital contribution to mental health and well-being.

Jen Pak also presents a series of stools directly inspired by her artworks. These functional pieces invite the audience to immerse themselves in the space, offering a moment of respite amidst the bustling cityscapes depicted on the canvas. As you take a seat, you can explore the intricate details of her paintings up close, feeling the energy and harmony of the city enveloping you. This interactive experience adds a new dimension to the art, providing a personal and sensory connection to the colorful world she has created.