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Yeonsu Kim, the artist behind objet candle studio Dustnroom, works with beeswax and silicone as her primary materials to create a diverse range of candle silhouettes, amplifying and reimagining the texture of wax. These candles embody our desire for liberation from such vulnerability. Produced through silicone molds, these objects retain the wax's unique soft texture and sheen while faithfully preserving the delicate forms of the original prototypes.

Yeonsu Kim's candles draw parallels with the human body. They resemble the daily aging of humans, as bones and flesh emit light and fragrance, much like the melting wax and wick. These two impermanent existences possess momentarily smooth and straight skin, yet they will eventually crinkle and crumble.

At SCOPES Seoul, artist Yeonsu Kim transcends the limitations of her previous works, which could only adorn indoor tables, to create exceptional candle sculptures with greater freedom. The large candle artwork 'NINO (Nothing In Nothing Out)' consists of a central object with perfect symmetry, an animal-like shape on the left, and a negative piece on the opposite side. The hand-like shapes, resembling ancient ritualistic idols, reach out in rebellion toward the scorching sun threatening their existence, while the fragrance spreading around the candles implies the fate of mortal beings waiting for the one-time-only blaze they will eventually face.