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Unknown Kim

Unknown Kim


Unknown Kim is a researcher and sound artist based between Den Haag (NL) and Seoul (KR). As the founder of the sound artist initiative 'Acoustic Territories,' she focuses on the sounds emerging from the interaction between the environment and human communication, delving into the auditory aspects of psychological geography.

The piece for SCOPES Seoul is titled "<Land, Ghost, and the Rumor>." <Land, Ghost, and the Rumor> is an immersive sound installation that includes a fictional narrative about a ghost believed to have been wandering the Seoul area for a long time (10,000 years) and surrounded by rumours. This artwork serves as an artistic exploration of urban space, encompassing a critical awareness and attitude towards flat or materialistic interpretations of the city. It provides a multifaceted perspective on the city space as an axis of memory.

By weaving together fictions of things that are not visible but believed to exist, this immersive sound setup represents and artistically approaches the invisible memories embedded in the city. Seoul, a city containing diverse identities, a history of dramatic changes, and geopolitical layers, peeks into this invisible city through the rumours of ghosts that have lived here since ancient times.