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Elliot Woods (Kimchi and Chips) is one half of KIMCHI and CHIPS, the Seoul-based art collective founded in 2009 that explores the intersection of art, science and philosophy through ambitious large-scale art installations. Their work has won several awards and has been presented at the National Museum of Contemporary Art (MMCA Korea), ZKM Center for Art and Media, Somerset House, Ars Electronica, ACC Gwangju, Zeche Zollverein, SXSW and Resonate Festival, and continues to influence contemporary art and technology.

At SCOPES Seoul, Elliot will be hosting a panel discussion <The Future Of The Future> with Hojun Song and Ssighborggg about the potential future of life, technology, fashion, education and entertainment.

Hojun launched his OSSI-1 satellite in Apr 2013 at Baikonur, Kazakhstan. It was the first satellite built and launched by an individual person in history. While people have enticed with the fact, Hojun Song turns their attentions to subjects like heroisms and nationalisms in science, a present-day role of an amateur, and sharing sensitive technologies by a series of comedic and sarcastic performances.

Originally hailing from California and currently residing in Seoul since 2008, Ssighborggg has made a name for himself by blending internet memes with indie electronic music, earning recognition in both musical circles and online communities. Many may be acquainted with Ssighborggg through his lighthearted video mixtapes on Instagram and his contributions to the world of Math Rock Memes.

The panel talk session begins in a speculative alternative reality where Korea has become the #1 economy world-wide following the discovery of the LK99B superconductor. A series of start-up pitches render this reality as a range of possible products, business and institutions of the future.

The second half of the session will be an open discussion about the future and present day changes in the Seoul creative scene.

Content Warning: This session contains material that could be harmful or upsetting to some audiences