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Ahyeon Ryu is an artist based in Seoul and London. She explores how entities trained in digital grammar confront and react to societal phenomena. Ahyeon primarily works with performance and sculpture mediums, focusing on the process of individuals being commodified based on factors such as location, race, gender, and class. She has been invited to exhibit at Morley Gallery in London, LUPO Gallery in Milan, and has also been featured at the Arko Art Museum and Museumhead group exhibitions.

At SCOPES Seoul, Ahyeon Ryu will be participating as the host of the artist panel talk ‘The Grossly Glossy Art Scene: Art vs Consumerism’. Her discussion will dive deep into the intersection of art and commerce, especially in the context of major art fairs like Frieze and Art Basel. She'll challenge the notion of placing artists in a competitive environment, where consumers define the value of their work, as she contemplates the impact of the market economy on the art scene. Drawing from her experiences as both an observer and participant in international art fairs, Ahyeon will also provide valuable insights into the evolving landscape of the Korean art market and future developments in the global art scene.