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SCOPES Stockholm is a three-day-long festival celebrating local pioneers within art, design, music, tech and social. After Berlin, Warsaw, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Singapore and Tel Aviv, the festival lands for the first time in Stockholm on the weekend of May 26-28th 2023. Porsche SCOPES, a global platform to support creative souls worldwide, was launched in Berlin in 2018 to create space for ground-breaking local creators and meaningful content.

Rarely do heathens peek under the canopy,  
For what’s there but thorns and cones?  
But alas, when the sky bears the same clouds,  
Underground is where Dreams call home.  
Come gather fellow bohemians, let us seed willow trees,  
Unshackle our minds and light our spirits free.  
And from this jubilee - may our new folklores have it’s time and room,  
For the gatekeepers are no more, rise dreamers...bloom.

No tickets needed, 
Free Entrance - 18+

The Location - Värmeverket