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Arvida Byström (& Fredrik Gran)

PerformanceSunday 28.05.

Arvida Byström is a multidisciplinary autodidact artist that explores humanities interaction with technology. With an intrinsic relationship to pink, Arvida explores femininities and its complexities, often tied to online culture, she travels in an aesthetic universe of disobedient bodies, selfie sticks and fruits in lingerie. 

Her photography and endless Instagram scroll has been in art shows all over the world as she starred both behind and in front of the camera of numerous influential brands and magazines.

Arvida is presenting a music project at SCOPES, which is her first official music release. The performance “Siren Eyes” is a unique project created together with composer Fredrik Gran, who has taught industrial robots to play the cello. Together with producer Walter Berge, Arvida and Fredrik have thrown themselves into the spellbinding world of interactive robots and music.

There was blood, far before pictures and pixies, No damsels in distress, just reimagined faeries.

No tickets needed, 
Free Entrance - 18+

The Location - Värmeverket