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Dang/Ho & Musoke Productions


A welcome into the world of symbiosis. Multidisciplinarity creators Julia Dang and Micky Ho behind DANG/HO together with Paul Edwards and Ebba Gratte of Musoke Productions, are all long term friends. For the past couple of years the group have made a name for themselves in the creative field as both individual artists and entrepreneurs, as well as long term collaborators. Sharing an office space/studio together with other creative friends, together they make up what mirrors more of a collective than a company. 

DANG/HO is a creative duo consisting of creator and entrepreneur Julia Dang and graphic artist Micky Ho. Together they create multi-disciplinary art and campaigns for brands and their own platforms, focusing on creative direction, photography and CGI. 

Musoke Productions is an all-round production company founded by Paul Edwards and Ebba Gratte, with a focus on campaigns/content for brands in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle sector. Described as a community-based company, its founding members and extended community consists of young BIPOCand/or queer creators from a variety of fields. The company’s ultimate mission is to challenge the creative scene when it comes to both artistic expressions and representation in front of and behind the camera. 

At SCOPES, the collective will create an immersive exhibition called “Symbiosis” where mediums are combined in a progressive way in order to create a full artistic experience. Reflecting their relationship as creatives as well as the concept behind their idea in which individuals entities, each separate art form, lives together. The exhibition will consist of multiple artistic layers, from the digital world of photo, film, and sound, to the physical in form of 3D installations and arrangements of natural elements. Each medium will both be an art piece in itself whilst simultaneously having the ability to come together into one - creating a world one can observe, explore or emerge yourself in.

Behold! The new-born Chimera guarding its helm, Follow her retreat into the womb, the darkness of  four realms.

No tickets needed, 
Free Entrance - 18+

The Location - Värmeverket