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Elin Passanisi

Installation, Performance

Elin Fiorentino Passanisi is a digital video artist, VJ and filmmaker from Stockholm. With visually captivating and purposive essence, Elin’s background in film inspired her storytelling use of both vision and sound. Talking about things most people wouldn’t, she creates immersive experiences that move us emotionally; as if it was the reality.

“Captured in sound” is a video installation presented on multiple LED-screens at Scopes. It’s the portrayal of a creature in darkness, and a representation of how being a creative can be both isolating yet freeing. She will also be performing an audiovisual live performance called "Unloveable", that talks about wanting to be loved but at the same time being terrified of it.

Coming from Elin’s sacred space within, both pieces touch on interesting subject matters that leaves the audience with a sense of change. Finding their own connections while existing together in a common space.

What’s a mirage but a mirror to unrequited desires, Cut the skin, step in and revel in the fire.

No tickets needed, 
Free Entrance - 18+

The Location - Värmeverket