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Emotional Landscape


Emotional Landscape is a fusion of objects and emotion. Founded by Alice Shulman, Elinor Nystedt and Margareta Wingårdh, they all shared a common interest in the relationship between objects, individuals, space and emotions, manifesting their interest through creating pieces in glass. 

For SCOPES, Emotional Landscape presents a line of five large scale glow in the dark objects in glass called “Fluo”. The five individual shapes together create a multilayered view and showcase the depth of emotional complexity. 

Based in Stockholm, their work is inspired by the idea that there are at least three ways for the individual to view reality. It’s an acknowledgement of the multitude of unique distinctions within human perception. 

“Stockholm is more remote and isolated than we think and for those who are vain, it's really good looking. Periodically it’s a city that is both darker and lighter than most other cities, which makes it more intense than expected.”

Through twisted glasses, emotions take form: An anomaly, a presence - bottling storms.

No tickets needed, 
Free Entrance - 18+

The Location - Värmeverket