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Evigt Mörker

PerformanceFriday 26.05.

The overall impression of a serene habitat, Evigt Mörker’s soundscape can be divided into a few hyperactive parts,with an otherworldly foreground of this techno works. Blissfully psychedelic as well as carefully structured for subtly disorientating shifts with consequence of melody, this is Evigt Mörker’s deadly and addictive mix.

Evigt Mörker is a DJ from Sweden, who early on grew exposed to techno. Yet it was the illegal rave scene in Stockholm that would prove to be most formative. The circuit of DJing at parties soon fed into the need to create a platform, and so the identity and label Evigt Mörker came into being in 2013.

For those that have witnessed Evigt Mörker live, a different side to his recorded output comes into play. Often far more forceful than his releases, there's an energetic and rhythmic power reserved for these moments. It's perhaps this versatility that's kept him in such high demand as a remixer. From existence, nature, religion, death and all that is unknown, in a city known for its immense beauty and cold.

Presenting a live performance at SCOPES, taken to the other end of the spectrum. Evigt Mörker's live shows are capable of elegant ambient pieces, if holding a dancefloor down isn't the modus operandi.

The lakes are still, but at dusk…dive in, And ambience will take you whole, and you’ll float within.

No tickets needed, 
Free Entrance - 18+

The Location - Värmeverket