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Fabian Bergmark Näsman


Fabian Bergmark Näsman’s sculptures twine in pose like sci-fi plants, the invitation to touch seems implied. One could conquer the works like fitness equipment or excite them like playground architecture. With a visual appeal of a chromed, mechanical biology and a futuristic color palette borrowed from nature. Fabian has witnessed the emotionalization of everyday objects as a driver of consumption at the end of the 90s.

Derived from the idea of recursion and hybridization, Fabian Bergmark Näsman (b. 1991, SE) has developed a unique artistic process where he casts sculptures from one mold to create an original piece each time through dissection and reconstruction. The results are abstract, and have thus been seen as an exploration of formal and academic queries. Bergmark Näsman’s sculptures oscillate between the natural and unnatural, raising questions of perception based on context.

For SCOPES Fabian is presenting an installation, adding his signature sculptural work to the Porsche Taycan car, covering its body with armor-like thorns. The protrusions growing out from the car body are finished in a matching silver hue to exist as part of the car itself. The organic forms are excerpts from the language Fabian has developed in his sculptural series ”Figure”, which he has been working exclusively with over the last years. Thorns, spines, horns, and prickles intrigues Fabian since they intend to set the rules for how to approach the object whose surface they are covering.

The rose thorn simply exists to physically discourage animals from eating the rose. As this notion develops in popular culture, and enters for example fashion, it becomes more of a statement than a physically functional thing. Fabian’s thorns are never sharp or actually dangerous, but rather play on the opposite side, they are round and smooth - maybe even inviting to interact with.

Fabian Bergmark Näsman is educated at Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam and Konstfack in Stockholm. He has exhibited internationally and recently realized his first public sculpture in Stockholm. 

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The Location - Värmeverket