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Harrison First

Harrison First

PerformanceSunday 28.05.

Harrison First is an artist, producer, DJ and songwriter, based in Stockholm. Coming from New York, the city cultivated a sound personal to him. He started out by building a sound for other artists, which led him to start building a sound for himself and inviting other artists to be a part of the experience. Evolving greatly in the past couple of years, Harrison First has branched off into multiple genres of music during his exploration of different places in the world, ranging from pop, dance, afro, House, rap, alternative R&B, and contemporary music accumulating over 20M streams on Spotify and other streaming platforms. Today Harrison First is currently working closely with music collaborators such as Stockholm based artist Angie and BLCKMN, while also impacting the Web3 music community and spreading his knowledge of music and innovation.

 Working with NFT’s and other Web3 tools, Harrison has managed to implement them as a way to build his music career. By showing people how to experience music in new ways and building partnerships with the right people to help realize his visions and ideas. At Scopes Stockholm, Harrison First will present a short film written and produced by himself and directed by Jean Lucc on the idea of misappropriation. The title of the film is “Sum/Some of Me” and will also be performed live with a Harrison First DJ set with mostly all original music and edits.

Leave your soul open for the garden – it’s sounds, lights and colours, and leave the old world forgotten, for this isn’t shackled by borders.

No tickets needed, 
Free Entrance - 18+

The Location - Värmeverket