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Hugo Daniel

PerformanceSaturday 27.05.

Hugo Daniel is an artist and creator of RAGE. He creates music that combines a raw, unapologetic energy with the commitment to social justice and individuality. Through his music, Hugo Daniel aims to inspire the disenfranchised to join the RAGE movement and embrace the spirit of rebellion and revolution.

At SCOPES Stockholm, Hugo Daniel will be presenting a live performance. The music is a modern mix of searing guitar riffs, blistering beats, and thought-provoking lyrics that tackle a wide range of social, personal issues and the longing of freedom, influenced by contemporary hip hop and rap. He believes it speaks to the struggles and challenges that many people face in today's society.

Inspired by his own parents alongside iconic musicians like Kurt Cobain, Zack De La Rocha, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Hugo Daniel wants people to know that his music is not just about entertainment, but also about creating positive change in the world. He believes that through art, we can inspire others to join the movement for social justice and individuality. 

No tickets needed, 
Free Entrance - 18+

The Location - Värmeverket