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PerformanceSaturday 27.05.

Nelly Skog is a knitwear designer and founder of IMASKOPI, a genderless fashion brand with hand-sewn and knitted garments. Born and raised in Stockholm, Nelly has been knitting since she was a child, always fascinated by all kinds of handicraft that involves yarns and textiles. Living in a city that is not too big, yet not too small, she embraces boredom as a fuel of creativity that makes her inventive.

 “I think it’s the perfect size because it’s small enough for you to keep longing out in the world and wanting more, but big enough to keep you stimulated.” 


With Imaskopi she wants to create a world using images, film and other media to communicate fashion that is non-gendered and slow. At SCOPES, Imaskopi will present a fashion show inspired by restful boredom and supernatural creatures.

Take your time to make your beliefs. There are long loved traditions they can never thieve.

No tickets needed, 
Free Entrance - 18+

The Location - Värmeverket