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Kimchii is the artist name of the Stockholm-based multi-instrumentalist singer, producer, DJ and performer Kim Söderlund. Like a portal to another world, the music of Kimchii is a sonic dream where sunrise and night meet in complete harmony. By freely and playfully mixing genres such as alternative dance, indie soul, house disco and pop with a cinematic approach - Kimchii generates a distinctive dreamy, groovy and euphoric soundscape.

Inspired by various sources such as daydreaming, memories, the nighttime, movies, and the people he encounters. Heavily drawn onto 70s disco, 80s post-disco, funk, RnB, house, and alternative dance music to create the unique Kimchii sound.

Kimchii will create an audiovisual live performance featuring body language, visuals, live music, and lighting with special guests. The music video of Energetic Fields was recorded at Värmeverket, to be released the weeks around SCOPES festival. The video includes dancers of the royal Swedish opera house in Stockholm who will join Kimchii’s Performance at SCOPES.

O’ embrace the mist, close your eyes and dance through. Own the night by letting the night own you.

No tickets needed, 
Free Entrance - 18+

The Location - Värmeverket