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Prof. Stranger


Prof. Stranger is a DJ and producer from Skarpnäck, Stockholm. Renowned for his unique take on house, garage, and breaks, his sonic world lies within electronic music; moving freely between its various styles and blending it with other genres to craft his signature sound. Apart from making tracks, playing club in clubs, or creating mixes, he is also the founder of the Stockholm label STUDIO94 Records where he curates music experiences.

Prof. Stranger’s inspiration comes from music in general, with its ability to take you places and the curiosity it sparks to explore and dive deeper into it when finding a new exciting track.

Performing two different DJ sets at SCOPES, Prof.Stranger has been inspired by a live listening session that his label STUDIO94 curated for their ambient V/A album release last year. It’s a long, intimate downtempo set, playing music that has inspired and influenced his own taste and sound. The purpose is to bring the audience on a listening journey and really tune into the music. The second performance is a club set, where Prof. Stranger will be playing a fun and varied mix of club edits and faster BPMs to challenge the audience’s experience of a Stockholm night out.

Behind all of Prof. Stranger’s own music and club sets, he just wants to make people dance and feel free. 

Come midnight in the mist, know we’re never alone, Allow the pulse to guide us wanderers, wherever we roam.

No tickets needed, 
Free Entrance - 18+

The Location - Värmeverket