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RHIZ + Iggy Jeans + Deadwood Studios

Workshop, Panel TalkSunday 28.05.

RHĪZ is a designer duo and innovation start-up with the mission to rethink textile production, repurpose fashion items and make the circular economy of textiles more rhizomatic. They offer companies in the fashion and textile ecosystem design consultancy, educational and networking activities and curated art events. 

With a great interest in the global and complex challenge of turning the fashion and textile industry from what it is today into something recreated, more socially and environmentally tenable. Their design professions have contributed to the success of the take-make-waste culture we live in today, and want to turn things around and invest their creative abilities in a more careful approach to both people and the planet. 

To connect and gather thoughts, the duo have invited innovative creatives and thinkers at SCOPES for “RHĪZomatic talk”. Gathering thoughts from an artist-, designers- and researchers’ point of view – what their take is on remake and upcycling as artistic practice, design philosophy and business strategy. 

RHĪZ will also host a hands-on recreation workshop “RHĪZomatic Remake Residence”. Focusing on the artistic practice of spending time with residual objects and materials, to engage in the process of repair, upcycling, and remake of fashion.

There’s wisdom in Mother Woods, in how she flourishes, Every passing life gives life to the next – for a Mother nurtures and nourishes.

No tickets needed, 
Free Entrance - 18+

The Location - Värmeverket