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Simon Mattisson


Simon Mattisson is a Stockholm-based designer working within the fields of furniture, products and interiors. His practice centers around the creation of systems. Connecting interdisciplinary methods such as the digital and the physical, the natural and the artificial, technology and history. 

Simon’s ambition is to use these systems to explore and understand some of the processes - environmental, social, aesthetic or other - that dictate the world we live in. Using this knowledge, he wants to create things and objects that make the world a happier place.

Simon’s furniture project “Granland” is a sustainable project where he has created a new 3D-printed composite material using wood damaged by bark beetles. His flowing, 100% circular, biodegradable designs are thought-provoking and stunning pieces of art. 

No tickets needed, 
Free Entrance - 18+

The Location - Värmeverket