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PerformanceFriday 26.05.

The rhythm, the groove and faith in simplicity. All of them are hallmarks of Skudge. The Skudge universe has come a long way from the anonymous and humble beginnings to world-wide recognition through the labels Skudge Records, Skudge Presents and Skudge White. 

The main output has been on Skudge’s own label, right from the beginning. Something that resulted in a Berghain live set right after the first release of Skudge Records.  

For almost a decade, the fine sense of loops, detail and taste have reached people in the scene and beyond. Be it through their EP’s or albums, hardware focused live sets which have been performed at numerous clubs and events world-wide or by way of recognized labels and podcasts: one thing remains, which is that the Skudge artistry and label are here to stay. 

Skudge are presenting a brand new DJ live set at SCOPES, with an extended setup adding additional analog sound sources and improvised elements.

There’s method to magic, from function flows form. What’s in the cauldron may look manic, but are potions in the form of songs.

No tickets needed, 
Free Entrance - 18+

The Location - Värmeverket