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Studio Igor Ingrid


Studio Igor Ingrid creates its own room of visual impressions through mural paintings. With Igor Holtermann's years in the art and graffiti scene and Ingrid Berg's love for strong expressions and colorful patterns, associated with her clothing brand IGGYJEANS, the duo explores the borderland between interior and art which results in patterns that can be applied however and wherever the imagination allows. Studio Igor Ingrid works in different fields and platforms with their striking patterns and bold graphics.

Founded in 2021, the duo already have an impressive resume, with projects such as a stage concept for The Hives, their own exhibition at Nordiska Galleriet and designed artworks for a nightclub in Stockholm.

Working with rooms and spatiality, Studio Igor Ingrid will create an artwork in the boiler room’s large industrial window at Värmeverket. Inspired by church windows, using foiling in their signature graphic motifs in bold colors, the light creates an almost ethereal effect, making the windows appear to glow from within. Historically, church windows usually tell a story or educate. Studio Igor Ingrid’s windows are instead a maximalist contradiction to Scandinavian minimalism.

As new kingdoms call, legs are struck by lightnings low, Paint old beliefs away, the apparition’s on the window.

No tickets needed, 
Free Entrance - 18+

The Location - Värmeverket