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Swedish Girls

Swedish Girls


Mira Bergh & Josefin Zachrisson are artists, both part of the art and design collective Swedish Girls. They’ve been collaborating alongside their individual practices and created a collective artistic context since 2019. Based between Stockholm and Milan, Swedish Girls work across objects and installations, with a conceptual and experimental approach. 

Mira & Josefin will be presenting “Another Fountain” at SCOPES festival. Fountains are a traditional and recurring element in public environments. It creates a place to gather around and meets functional as well as aesthetic needs. In this installation, the fountain has a symbolic function, an entry to the viewer's relationship with the place. It is exactly what a fountain is but also everything it isn’t. A hybrid installation with functional, aesthetic and social values. 

With literal references yet several layers of ulterior motives, Mira & Josefin are aware of their existing surroundings when working with spatial installations. Archetypes have become recurring in their artistic practice and the symbolism allows the audience to take on their work from a personal point of view. 

Swedish Girls was founded in 2019 by Josefin Zachrisson (b. 1994), Mira Bergh (b. 1993), Julia Jondell (b. 1992) and Matilda Ellow (b.1992).

If the fables are unfamiliar, and can’t tell the trees from the mountain, Allow us comfort your fears…come meet us at the fountain.

No tickets needed, 
Free Entrance - 18+

The Location - Värmeverket