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PerformanceSaturday 27.05.

Tusabe is a producer, creator and DJ. As a multidisciplinary individual, Tusabe always had the passion to create different mediums and experiences.He is also a part of the cultural platform called “Safi Club” , with the purpose to bridge subcultures internationally and locally by creating events and activations.

Growing up in Sweden raised by a multicultural family, during Tusabe’s artistic journey he was always inspired by the rhythms and sounds from all perspectives. By bridging his cultures and inspiration he wants to create a world that feels idyllic and nostalgic.

“I am a product of the melting pot, Stockholm is one of those places where you can indulge all of the cultures in one day and everybody truly embraces it subconsciously. And that is so unique about Stockholm, it is a big cultural melting pot that has so much potential to embrace for the world.” 


Tusabe will perform an audiovisual experience at SCOPES, presenting his newly released EP “Placido Mundo: Chapter 1” and his upcoming projects. Placido Mundo is a body of work that describes the state of mind whereas you’ll find a sense of tranquility that remains placid. It is the true art of emancipation and through this audiovisual experience, the journey begins describing this world called Placido Mundo. 

No tickets needed, 
Free Entrance - 18+

The Location - Värmeverket