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KIRARA specializes in the creation and performance of electronic music, with an aim to contribute to its growth in Korea. Beyond crafting music for various platforms, KIRARA also imparts the art of music production at an academy. To KIRARA, "music" represents the true self, and the ultimate goal is to embark on a fulfilling, enduring journey in the realm of music. KIRARA received the Best Dance & Electronic Album award at the 14th Korean Popular Music Awards with the album “Moves(2016)”.

Yangbans - Enter the Dragon

"Yangbans" is an 'Oriental Shamanistic Punk Psychedelic Rock Band.' The name "Yangbans" implies that in a democratic society, everyone is like a gentleman, contrasting with the Western meaning of the term. Comprised of members Lee Jihoon (keyboard), Nugi (bass), Jeon Beomseon (vocals), Ddalgi (drums), Yoon Seongho (guitar), and Hak (video), this band finds harmony through leisure and draws inspiration from the Earth.

Y2K92 - Y to K naughty chu chu

Y2K92 is a group consisting of two artists, Jibin and Shimo, who engage in various artistic endeavors such as musicians, performers, rappers, DJs, models, and writers. They draw inspiration from a wide range of visual materials accumulated on the internet from the mid-1990s to the present. These materials often create an impression of unfamiliarity and discomfort due to their lack of context, amateurish editing, and low quality. However, Y2K92 finds comfort in these visuals.