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Live Set

othersmayforgetyoubutnoti is a band formed by the couple Jungle and Cyrrca, who use their music to capture meaningful moments. Cyrrca is not only a musician but also an artist and serves as the Creative Director of the skincare brand Devonine. Jungle, on the other hand, wears multiple hats as a model, artist, transgender activist, and Brand Communications Manager at Acne Studios. They engage in creative endeavors across diverse domains, and they've recently released their debut single, "othersmayforgetyoubutnoti." On September 22nd (Friday), they unveiled the music video for the same track.

At SCOPES Seoul, othersmayforgetyoubutnoti will be treating the audience to live performances of their debut single and three new songs. Additionally, they are curating the music lineup for Friday evening. On Friday night, they will grace the stage alongside other talented acts such as Yangbans, Jinbo feat. Shindrum, Kirara, Y2K92, and KHYO. Their performance is titled 'othersmayforgetyoubutnoti presents: PEACE.'

Curated Artists

JINBO, also known as JINBO the SuperFreak, is a producer and singer-songwriter who founded SuperFreak Records. He not only releases solo albums but also collaborates with project teams like 'Mind Combined' and 'PoPoMo.' Under the name 'Touch,' he releases music to facilitate unique encounters, bridging the gap between Eastern and Western musical influences as well as connecting different generations within the music world. He has showcased a fusion of dance music and R&B live performances at the club 'Soap' and currently serves as the music director at The Timberhouse in the Park Hyatt Seoul.

SHINDRUM is a drummer and producer known for exploring the limitless possibilities of drumming. In 2021, he released his first full-length album, and in 2022 and 2023, he released the first and second albums with his band 'Soul Delivery.' He collaborates with various artists to create and express the stories he wants to tell, all while using his unique style and approach as 'SHINDRUM.' He aims to convey to music lovers and the next generation of musicians that everyone can express their unique colors in their own way through music.

At SCOPES Seoul, JINBO, SHINDRUM, and the band 'MAK' come together for a live performance. Immerse yourself in JINBO's captivating voice and the performances of SHINDRUM (drums), Ha Eun (keyboard), Nugi (bass), and Seung Hyun (guitar). Their performance is soulful, forward-looking, philosophical, spontaneous, and fun. Their show will inspire us all to progress even further into the future.

KHYO is a producer and DJ based in Seoul. He is known for his collaboration as a producer on most of the tracks from WOO WON JAE's first full-length album, "Black Out" (2020), where he brought forth a unique and robust energy filled with tension throughout the album. With single releases like "CLMZ" (2018) and "LYING" (2019), KHYO has also pursued personal projects and is soon to unveil his first EP album.

At SCOPES Seoul, KHYO will present a one-hour DJing performance titled "Bleach." As a DJ, KHYO has roamed through various clubs and party scenes in Seoul, gaining immense musical inspiration from the energy of the audience. Stay tuned for KHYO's electrifying stage!



KIRARA specializes in the creation and performance of electronic music, with an aim to contribute to its growth in Korea. Beyond crafting music for various platforms, KIRARA also imparts the art of music production at an academy. To KIRARA, "music" represents the true self, and the ultimate goal is to embark on a fulfilling, enduring journey in the realm of music. KIRARA received the Best Dance & Electronic Album award at the 14th Korean Popular Music Awards with the album “Moves(2016)”. KIRARA has received invitations to perform at prominent festivals worldwide, sustaining a vibrant musical career.

At SCOPES Seoul, KIRARA will showcase the "KIRARA Live Set," featuring a mesmerizing real-time deconstruction and reassembly of KIRARA's own music amidst an array of musical instruments. Drawing inspiration from diverse sources including the works of Chemical Brothers, Cornelius, Osawa Shinichi(MONDO GROSSO), the starry skies above Yeongjong Island, the earthy fragrance of freshly harvested vegetables, airborne adventures, and her mother, KIRARA's stage bursts to life.

Y2K92 is a group consisting of two artists, Jibin and Shimo, who engage in various artistic endeavors such as musicians, performers, rappers, DJs, models, and writers. They draw inspiration from a wide range of visual materials accumulated on the internet from the mid-1990s to the present. These materials often create an impression of unfamiliarity and discomfort due to their lack of context, amateurish editing, and low quality. However, Y2K92 finds comfort in these visuals. They are deeply interested in creating something pleasurable by combining these familiar images with distorted music, aiming to provoke controversial reactions.

At SCOPES Seoul, Y2K92 presents <Y to K naughty chu chu>, a storytelling project about Y2K92 themselves. In this project, they plan to showcase their aesthetics through music design, slam poetry, rap without traditional rhymes, and more. Drawing from their imagination and inspiration gathered from sources like YouTube videos, podcasts, webcomics, and others, Y2K92, who proclaim, "We are different," will unfold their unique sensibilities on stage.


"Yangbans" is an 'Oriental Shamanistic Punk Psychedelic Rock Band.' The name "Yangbans" implies that in a democratic society, everyone is like a gentleman, contrasting with the Western meaning of the term. Comprised of members Lee Jihoon (keyboard), Nugi (bass), Jeon Beomseon (vocals), Ddalgi (drums), Yoon Seongho (guitar), and Hak (video), this band finds harmony through leisure and draws inspiration from the Earth. The band's first single album, "<Taepyeongcheonha>," released in 2018, has been reinterpreted as a song that raises awareness of the climate crisis, considering recent events such as the COVID-19 pandemic and various climate anomalies.

At SCOPES Seoul, Yangbans will perform songs from their EPs "<Wind and Flow>" and "<Eruhwa>," as well as some unreleased tracks. "<Wind and Flow>" is a mini-album created by the band's vocalist and leader, Jeon Beomseon, after spending a week enjoying leisure in a traditional Korean house in Jirisan Mountain. The songs in this album encapsulate the flow of the wind and the natural circulation process that occurs at the foot of the mountain. "<Eruhwa>" is a term that represents the sounds of excitement and joy when singing. It was created in 'Eruhwahon,' a place on the slopes of Mount Duryunsan in Haenam, Jeollanam-do. Experience the subtle harmony between Korean themes and the band's sound, allowing you to feel the energy of nature.