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Sore PArk

Sora Park


Sora Park is a multidimensional installation artist based in Seoul. She predominantly works with sculpture, exploring various social issues expressed in contemporary digital media environments like social media spaces and metaverses. Her primary interests lie in the phenomena of human bodies being developed through scientific technology and the diverse societal problems arising in the digital media landscape of our contemporary age. Recently, she has been using science fiction-inspired imagination to envision situations, character profiles, and products that could occur in a future where current social issues intensify. She visualizes these concepts through various mediums, including sculpture, video, and installations.

At SCOPES Seoul, Sora Park presents a sculpture installation based on science fiction. It showcases a sculptural model of virtual facial gear for virtual humans, exploring the boundaries between the present and the future, the virtual and the real, and public and private spaces. With a keen interest in the variability of digital humans in virtual spaces, the artist envisions digital humans having the freedom to choose their appearance without the constraints of aging, death, or inherent physical limitations. She interprets this phenomenon as a reflection of contemporary human desires and interests. Sora Park has projected this aspect of society onto her artwork, conceptualizing <NeoTex Depot> inspired by the inventory space in digital games and real physical spaces like public restrooms. She observed how people briefly check their appearance in public restroom mirrors and considered the intersection of public and private purposes in her work.