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Studio Namsan

Studio Namsan

Music curation

Studio Namsan has been conducting educational activities for the discovery of artists in the underground dance music scene since 2015. In September 2020, they expanded their operations and established a corporation to provide a community for artist interaction. Their motto is "Good Music Everywhere," and they aim to introduce music filled with authenticity and character to anyone and any space that needs music.

Currently, they conduct DJ live streaming and artist interview content on YouTube. They also offer music directing services through collaborations with high-end brands, event planning and management, audio sales, and setup services.

At SCOPES Seoul, Studio Namsan will curate daily DJing and performance sessions.


Thursday, 12.10
Kio, Caleb, Shinyoung, Odd J

Friday, 13.10
BOOH, Sina Hill, Yeesangyu + A.Attack (Live Session), Cityboyfromseoul (Live Session)

Saturday, 14.10
Hasa, K.O.P.32 (Live Session), Junmo, BABY DON'T CRY (Studio Namsan)

Sunday, 15.10
HOGI (Studio Namsan), Dguru (Studio Namsan), CADEJO, FFAN (Studio Namsan)