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Porsche SCOPES is a multidisciplinary and global platform connecting diverse pioneers from the fields of design, art, music, tech and social.

Our global online collective, as well as the temporary festivals, strive to shift the perspectives of tomorrow and open up a dialogue to inspire, innovate and interact.

SCOPES started as a festival series in 2018 and has been to Berlin, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Asia Pacific, Warsaw and Tel Aviv. Since November 2022 we added the so called CO-LAB format, that gives artists globally the opportunity to realize their dream projects independently from a festival.

The SCOPES collective is one of a kind; consisting of opinion leaders, pioneering creatives and their crowd, there is an ongoing strive for inspiration and exchange. The community with all its diversity has the power to pioneer the understanding of how we want to live together and what we choose as a common ground for it.

“Porsche is even prettier when it meets art.”
visitor at SCOPES Seoul
“The commitment to culture beyond the corporate brand is great.”
visitor at SCOPES Seoul
“They basically said dream big.”
Dang/Ho & Musoke Productions
“It's like they are the best of the best in terms of quality.”
Deadwood Studios